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PaxEx on board Royal Jordanian Crown Class

I have flown on board RJ's B787 at least twice annually on the AMM-DTW vv sectors in Crown Class (Business) for the last few years and will probably continue for a few more years. For the sake of transperancy and full disclosure I am an ex RJ employee who happens to fly J class on subload basis.

Crown class on board the B787 compared to the competitors is pretty basic. The seats are comfortable and become fully flat. The stowage area near the seat is hard to get to as it lies behind the shoulder and is very cramped so not much can be stowed.

There is no WiFi so forget about the joys of connectivity for business or social media. IFE is not too bad, but very basic compared to the likes of Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways or THY. None of the latest movie releases are carried, but the selection is adequate for a twelve (12) hours flight.

The on board service was much better at the time the B787 was introduced. As the fortunes of RJ took a downturn so did the on board service. The quality and selection of the food has suffered. The on board service has become indifferent with the occasional flashes of enthusiasm, to put it mildly.

The cabin service lacks the discipline required to be a real competitive business class. The cabin crew are more engaged with their colleagues than with passengers.

As the financial position of the airline improves, hopefully so will the service.

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