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The Second Worst Airline in the World

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The second worst airline in the world according to the Daily Mail. This is not in defense of Royal Jordanian (RJ) but more of an attempt to understand; the AirHelp report (click here for the report) covers seventy two (72) airlines and RJ ranked seventy one (71). This is not a very flattering ranking but then the world has more than 72 airlines.

The rankings are based on:

  1. On time Performance; RJ's score is 8.3 (83% on time performance);

  2. Quality of Service; RJ's score is 6.3;

  3. Claim Processing; RJ's score is 0.8.

For a total score of 5.13, the sad thing is that this ranking has deteriorated over the last year or so.

  1. In Summer 2016 RJ ranked 48 out of 78 airlines with a score of 6.73 (7.3, 6.0 and 6.9)

  2. In Autumn 2016 RJ ranked 59 out of 79 with a score of 6.33 (8.1, 6.0 and 4.9)

  3. In Winter 2016/2017 RJ ranked 76 out of 87 with a score of 5.67 (8.0, 6.0 and 3.1)

From Summer 2016 to date RJ worked on improving on time performance and quality. However, Claims Processing went from 6.9 to 0.8 with a steady deterioration with every report. Either AirHelp got it wrong or Royal Jordanian just became oblivious to passenger claims and complaints and just did not care. Following social media; complaints are on the rise and I am sure so are claims for compensation which appear to follow on deaf ears.

In 2017 the airline went on a social media blitz that earned it top awards and I am sure improved its brand recognition. In 2017 RJ leased an old beat up B737 to help with peak traffic which created a storm of complaints; which I am sure contributed to this (0.8) score. Well, in 2018 RJ did the same again showing complete insensitivity to their passengers views. I am sure whatever savings the airline is hoping to make will be offset by passengers choosing other carriers.


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