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Great to Be Back

It has been more than one year since I have written last and I miss it. In the meantime a lot of water has flown under many bridges.

The US3 vs the ME3 dispute has been resolved with both sides claiming victory; but more of a win for the ME3. The Open Sky agreements have been reaffirmed with no changes to their basic elements. The only concession was that the ME3 will not exercise 5th freedom rights from Europe to the USA in the near future; an issue that affects only Emirates at this time. Emirates instead is planning a Barcelona to Mexico City flight which is stirring controversy in Mexico. The Tourism Ministry loves it and Aero Mexico wants to fight it, never a dull moment.

The electronic ban is over; airports are now doing more inspections on electronic equipment before USA and UK flights. However, ICAO and IATA are looking at a ban on having passengers carrying personal electronic devices carried in checked baggage.

Norwegian finally got the authority to operate to the USA and the sky did not fall and jobs were not lost.

Last but not least, BREXIT promises to wreak havoc not only with UK aviation but the sector on a global level.

These and other regional issues will be touched upon in the near future.

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